Premium HORNi products protecting Africa's Endangered Wildlife

We make sure that all HORNi products are sourced, packaged and delivered ethically and are environmentally sustainable.

When you buy HORNi you can be safe in the knowledge that you are buying a quality product that is helping to protect some of the world's most iconic and endangered wildlife.

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  What is HORNi ?

takes an ethical and sustainable approach to the production of it's products with all profits supporting wildlife conservation.

So how does HORNi help?

HORNi is Fair

HORNi goes beyond fair trade for the farmer and gives back to wildlife and the environment

HORNi Gives Back

100% of HORNi profits are invested in critical wildlife conservation

HORNi Cares

Every product is sourced, packaged, and supplied to the highest possible environmentally sustainable standards

HORNi Collaborates

HORNi is a collaboration between coffee supplier and NGOs to ensure maximum impact in protecting wildlife in it’s natural habitat.

"I am thrilled to be working with some extraordinary organisations and individuals, bringing together commerce, community and conservation in perfect harmony for the benefit of some of our most iconic wildlife species. Thank you for buying
HORNi - together we are making a difference."

Simon Jones
CEO, Helping Rhinos