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HORNi was set up in 2019 by international charity Helping Rhinos, to provide products and safaris which could raise money for their vital work. 100% of our profit is used to help provide a sustainable future for endangered rhino across Africa. 



Our profits go towards the protection of more than 6,000 rhino, and the habitat they need to survive.


We support more than 250 rangers, including their wildlife management and anti-poaching operations.



We’re also able to protect more than 25,000 square kilometres of key wildlife habitat, home to the largest populations of Africa’s most iconic wildlife.


Some of the money raised by our coffee and safaris goes towards treatment and care for injured and orphaned rhinos.


We’re committed to helping improve the livelihoods of tens of thousands of local people, through the provision of sustainable business activities.


And we’re proud to play our part in bringing critically endangered wildlife back from the brink of extinction.

Why Buy HORNi?

Africa, home to the world's most diverse wildlife is under threat from illegal poaching and habitat loss.

At least 1 rhino is killed by poachers every day

More than 1,000 rangershave lost their lives protecting Africa's wildlife

Deforestation in Africa is threatening wild spaces

Buying HORNi will help bring an end to this suffering

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Trust us to work ethically and sustainably, always.

When you buy a HORNi product or safari, you’ll know we’re a brand that:

  • Carefully selects our partners to ensure the most ethical and environmentally friendly approach to everything we do.
  • Puts fair trade and community inclusiveness before profit.
  • Invests all profits to critical conservation work, protecting endangered African rhino in its natural habitat.


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Savour our delicious range of premium coffee, where every penny of profit helps protect 6,000 critically endangered African rhinos.

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We’ll take you on a journey to see Africa’s most spectacular sights, safe in the knowledge you’re helping them too.

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