HORNi Coffee has you covered this festive season

Wednesday 17 November 2021 -


HORNi Coffee Reusable Cup: Not just your average reusable cup

As a HORNi Coffee drinker, you will know that our coffee is sustainably grown and ethically sourced, ensuring a fair deal for all our farmers and the ecosystems they farm in. We use recyclable packaging and all profit is used to fund the critically important conservation work of Helping Rhinos and their partners.  

But we haven’t stopped there. We wanted to make sure that our customers could enjoy the great taste of HORNi coffee on the go too, whilst at the same time continuing that pledge to be fully sustainable

As we head towards winter and the festive season, there’s nothing better than getting out and about in the fresh air. And there’s no better way to enjoy the great outdoors than with a hot drink on the go. This is where our reusable cup comes in, which has some very special features:

It is the ultimate environmentally friendly coffee cup. The Circular cup is the world’s first reusable coffee cup, made from recycled single-use paper cups and recycled polypropylene.  It comes with a ten-year guarantee and when you finally retire the cup, it’s 100% recyclable. 

It has a unique push lid mechanism which is 100% leakproof. Once the lid is in the closed position, you can tip it upside down and shake it and nothing will come out. This means that when you stop for a break, you can be guaranteed to find a dry bag and nice hot coffee to enjoy whilst you take in the winter vibes. 

The cup’s unique push-lid mechanism doesn’t just minimise the spillage, it also means you can open and close the lid with one hand. Those of you who have tried to walk and enjoy a coffee on the go whilst trying to hold onto bags or children or a dog, will know exactly how hard it is to keep everything under control.  With this cup you can open the lid to take a sip, and close it again, all with one hand. Now that’s ‘handy’.

The HORNi Reusable cup comes in two great colours and are a great choice for gifts this festive season and all year round. We also created some exclusive gifting bundles from HORNi. These bundles would make a great stocking filler or Secret Santa gift and it goes without saying that they include all your favourite full flavoured blends, as well as the fantastic environmentally friendly reusable cup. 

So, whether you are heading out on a winter walk, or travelling to work, you can be sure that your coffee on the go is doing good all the way from bean to reusable cup!

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Jazz up your HORNi coffee this festive season 

Whether using our HORNi reusable cup, or enjoying a coffee at home in one of our mugs, why not consider adding some seasonal flavours to your daily coffee? Alongside the more common coffee flavourings such as vanilla, or caramel, there are some great flavour suggestions to try this festive season. 

1) Cinnamon

Nothing says Christmas more than cinnamon. It is a classic warming spice used in many Christmas dishes and drinks, mulled wine being the most popular. It’s also great to use with coffee, the warm taste of the spice mixes well with the more bitter flavour of coffee. Plus, as a natural sweetener, it’s a good alternative to sugar. Try sprinkling cinnamon onto the coffee grounds before you brew to infuse the flavour directly, or add a teaspoon of the spice, or a cinnamon stick directly into your coffee cup. 


2) Cardamom

Staying with a more exotic flavour, why not try using cardamom with your coffee? Cardamon has an intense, fragrant flavour with a slightly floral note. Used sparingly (add a pinch not a teaspoon), it can really add to your morning espresso, or even better, add in some milk (or dairy alternative), and honey to taste and you’ve made a great warming Cardamom latte to kick off the day with.  

3) Ginger

Along with cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger are also familiar Christmas flavours. Whilst ginger is regularly found in Chai, you can add a dash of dry ginger powder to your black coffee to give it that truly warm, spicy ‘ginger biscuit’ taste.  Alternatively, try using some ginger syrup. You can either add some on top of your coffee or drizzle into the bottom of the cup before pouring over the coffee. Then sit back and let the warm, cosy flavour of ginger embrace you like a big hug. For a mild flavourful morning pick me up, try sprinkling or grating nutmeg on top of your morning coffee.



4) Mint

As strange as it sounds, fresh mint can really bring a refreshing aroma and taste to your daily cup of coffee. You can either add a leaf or two of fresh mint, allowing it to infuse for a few minutes, or if you can’t wait that long, stir in two to three teaspoons of peppermint extract. But don’t overdo it, you don’t want to lose the coffee flavour.  

5) Orange 

Or why not try the zesty flavour of orange with your coffee? You can simply add the grated orange zest to your brewed coffee and allow it to infuse or make a delicious orange latte by blending ground coffee with some sugar and a little bit of water and then warming some milk (or dairy alternative) with orange zest added. Once the orange zested milk is warmed through, simply pour it through a sieve directly into your cups and add the blended coffee mix. 

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