For Wildlife . For the Planet . FOR YOU

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  Drink HORNi Coffee - Protect Africa's Wildlife

Like you, we are passionate about coffee AND wildlife.

When you drink HORNi you will enjoy a great tasting, premium coffee and you’ll be helping us to secure vital wildlife habitat, support local communities and.aid ground breaking scientific research.

All HORNi profits are invested to support critical wildlife conservation in Africa.

Click here to see just some of the projects that HORNi Coffee is helping to fund.

HORNi is a farm direct coffee produced from sustainable, shade grown plantations, meaning the coffee plants are grown under a natural canope. Our farms have a reduction in water usage of around 90% and 20% of the farm land lays 20% of their land fallow for rainforrests. The Farm also works th the local community in support of various conservation projects, including forest preservation and tree-planting

All HORNi Coffee is delivered to you in full biodegradable packaging.


Premium filter coffee

Environmentally friendly and sustainable coffee plantations

Fully biodegradable packaging

Farm direct and fair trade

All profits support wildlife conservation



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 The HORNi Coffee Range

For Wildlife . For the Planet . FOR YOU

Three delicious tasting coffees including, a premium filter coffee, an intense espresso bean and a decaffeinated coffee to cater for all discerning coffee drinkers.

HORNi Tanzania

Type: Arabica Filter coffee

Origin: Tanzania

Taste: Bold, deep and creamy with a beautifully smooth, clean finish.

Producer: The Machare Farm lies 4,500 feet up on the slopes of snow-capped Mount Kilimanjaro and is owned by the local village cooperatives.

Machare has been leased and rehabilitated by people with a passion for fine gourmet coffee and the preservation of Kilimanjaro's unique environment. 

Available: In ground or whole bean in 225g, 1kg bags and 60g sachets.

HORNi Espresso

Type: Coffees from Africa and beyond

Taste: The perfect balance of strength and depth with a smooth finish. An exceptionally flavourful and impressive espresso and yet a gentle, rich blend with milk for a cappuccino.

Available: In ground or whole bean in 225g and 1kg bags.

HORNi Decaf

Type: This Arabica decaf coffee is produced without the use of chemicals, preserving the coffee’s fullest flavour.

Taste: Full flavour, lightly roasted to enhance it’s sweeter, richer overtones.

Available: In ground or whole bean in 225g and 1kg bags.

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HORNi Coffee Pricing

All HORNi coffee is delivered to you in fully biodegradable packaging


225g bag




1kg bag




** For wholesale prices, including larger bag sizes, please Contact Us for a quote **

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 How to make the perfect cup of  HORNi Coffee

1. Start by pre-warming the cafetière with hot water (this helps keep your freshly brewed coffee toasty warm until it’s ready to be served).

2. Measure one scoop of freshly ground coffee per person (or 15g per 250ml of water if you’re unsure of how many people you will be serving). Don't be afraid to experiment here. Coffees from different origins often benefit from more than one scoop per person to deliver their full taste potential.

3. Add hot water (a little tip – the water will be just right at 97 degrees Celsius if you happen to have a thermometer to hand!)

4. Leave to brew for approximately 3–4 minutes. That's the perfect amount of time to let the office soak up the enticing aroma of those freshly ground coffee beans!

5. Now stir the blend with a wooden spoon (stirring a glass cafetière with a metal spoon is not always a good idea since it conducts heat!)

6. Using a spoon, scoop off any grounds floating on the top of the coffee (often referred to as “the crust”) - this will vastly reduce any sediment and makes for an all-round better cup.

7. Take delight in smoothly pressing the plunger down to the bottom (almost there!)

8. Serve and enjoy the rich, smooth taste of the perfect cup of cafetière coffee.

If you have purchased HORNi coffee beans you will need a grinder to first grind your beans to your preferred courseness.