Ethically and sustainably sourced coffee, supporting rhinos in their natural habitat 

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At HORNi we’re passionate about two things: bringing you great tasting, ethically sourced coffee direct from the farm and protecting Africa’s endangered rhino.



Bold, creamy pure Arabica filter coffee, sourced from a village co-operative 4,500 feet up Mount Kilimanjaro.

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Ground or whole bean - 225g or 1kg.

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Strong and deep, with a smooth finish, for flavourful espressos and gentle yet rich cappuccinos.

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Ground or whole bean - 225g or 1kg.

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Our full-flavour pure Arabica decaf has delightful rich, sweet overtones, and is made without the use of chemicals.

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Ground or whole bean - 225g or 1kg.

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For the love of ethically and sustainably sourced coffee.

Our Kilimanjaro coffee is sourced directly from the Machare Farm, 4,500 feet up on the volcanic rich soil on the slopes of Kilimanjaro which is fed by clear glacial waters. Altitude and environment are ideal for growing an extremely impressive pure Arabica coffee. 

The farm is committed to upholding sustainability in all its practices. 100% of the area is already free of insecticide and herbicide chemicals. Amongst other things, the farm has reduced water usage dramatically by 97%, uses biofuel for machinery and preserves the habitat through shade-grown coffee.

Helping Rhinos one coffee at a time.

Lots of love is put into making our premium filter, rich espresso and full-flavoured decaf coffees. 100% of our profit goes into protecting rhinos and their precious, disappearing habitat. 

So, you can feel good about drinking great coffee and supporting a great conservation cause.

Read about our partner Helping Rhinos’ efforts to create lasting habitat and strongholds for rhinos here. 

Our Quality and Sustainability Promise

Every pack of HORNi coffee has been ethically and sustainably produced
to help support wildlife, the environment and local communities. 


Sourced directly from the coffee farm 

Environmentally friendly & sustainable coffee plantations

Premium filter Arabica coffee

Fully recyclable packaging

100% of profits support rhino conservation

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Our Recipe

Get the Most from Every HORNi Cup

Whether you’re grinding your beans, or prefer our ground bags, here’s how to make sure every HORNi experience is one to savour.


1.Pre-warm your cafetiere with some hot water.

2.Measure one scoop of freshly ground coffee per person or 15g per 250ml of water.

3.Add hot water; ideally it should be 97C.

4. Leave to brew for three to four minutes.

5. Stir with a wooden spoon and scoop off any grounds floating on the surface.

6.Enjoy a smooth plunge right down to the bottom.

7.Serve and delight in the rich, smooth taste.

8.Enjoy knowing that your coffee is helping to protect Africa's rhinos.

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Get closer to breathtaking wildlife with our sustainably-led safaris.

We’ll take you on a journey to see Africa’s most spectacular sights, safe in the knowledge you’re helping them too.

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