HORNi Kilimanjaro

HORNi Kilimanjaro

Type: 100% Pure Arabica Filter Coffee

Origin: Tanzania

Taste: Bold, deep and creamy with a smooth, clean finish

Farm Direct 

Ethically Sourced

Fully Recyclable Packaging

100% of Profits go to Charity Helping Rhinos 


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Product Description

Type: 100% Pure Arabica Filter coffee

Origin: Tanzania

Taste: Bold, deep and creamy with a smooth, clean finish

Producer: Machare Farm, a village co-operative in the rich soil on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro, by clear glacial waters.

Available: In ground or whole bean in 225g and 1kg bags 

Fair Trade: The team at Machare Farm care for the environment and the workers with exceptional diligence and generosity, creating the opportunities for social action in the area. 

HORNi KILIMANJARO Coffee is grown on the Machare Farm, 4,500 feet up on the volcanic rich soil on the slopes of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, which is fed by clear glacial waters. Altitude and environment make an extremely impressive pure Arabica coffee.  The farm is committed to upholding sustainability in all its practices.  100% of the area is already free of insecticide and herbicide chemicals.  Amongst other things, the farm has dramatically reduced water usage by 97%, uses biofuel for machinery, preserves the habitat through shade-grown coffee, protecting various forms of bird, reptile and monkey life. Machare Farm has also created a planting tree project, to preserve the precious micro-climate and protect rare plant and animal life on the famous mountain.  

By selecting quality beans from origins that have their own distinctive characteristics and with decades of roasting experience to maintain depth and intensity of flavour, we are able to bring to you this coffee of quality and exceptional taste.

Please note that due to increased international shipping costs during the COVID-19 pandemic we are unable to ship HORNi Coffee outside ofthe UK until further notice.