Reusable HORNi Coffee Cup from rCUP

Reusable HORNi Coffee Cup from rCUP

Enjoy your HORNi Coffee on the go with the reusable HORNi Coffee Cup from rCUP.

It is the ultimate environmentally friendly coffee cup with the outer cup vessel Recycled Polypropylene and post consumer paper coffee cups.

Please note that due to increased international shipping costs during the COVID-19 pandemic we are unable to ship HORNi Coffee outside ofthe UK until further notice.



Product Description

Sizes and volume:

rCUP® series 12oz (340ml) Height (with lid on): 168mm Height (with lid off:) 140mm


All components in contact with beverage - Polypropylene BPA free and food grade certified

Outer cup vessel Recycled Polypropylene and post consumer paper coffee cups (+ 5% levels of HIPS lids and straws).

Inner spring Stainless Steel 304

Seals x2 silicon

Design and productions standards achieved:

ISO 9001 / Sedex

BS EN 12546 - 1:200

Product test information:

BS EN 12546 - sealing and impact drop test

requirements Transit packaging drop tests

Push/push mechanism longevity tests - 10,000

operations / 1,250 uses / 5 years

Push button extraction - 1,000 times / 5 years

Safety considerations:

Over filling.

- clear fill line and text on cup

- warning on instructions

Pressure build up in sealed vessel.

- warning notice with solution on cup

- warning and solution within instructions

- push button becomes too stiff to operate when under pressure preventing dangerous operation

Thermal insulation data.

40 deg C - minimal comfortable drinking temperature

Boiling water - to 40°

Self made tea/coffee - 80°C - 40°C

Barista latte - 70°C - 40° C

- 1hr 45mins

- 1hr 35mins

- 1hr 10mins

Outer surface temp. transfer .

Boiling water left for 15 mins for max transfer - 23°C (comfortable to hold)